hygric sensation

hygric sensation

Dictionary of Hallucinations. . 2010.

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  • hygric hallucination —    Also known as hygric sensation. Both terms are indebted to the Greek noun hugros, which means humidity. They are used to denote a hallucination of water or other fluids, perceived in the tactile modality. Accordingly, the German psychiatrist… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • dysaesthesia —    The term dysaesthesia comes from the Greek words dus (bad) and aisthanesthai (to notice, to perceive). It translates loosely as bad feeling . The term dysaesthesia is used as a generic term for a number of unpleasant tactile and somatic… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • tactile hallucination —    Also known as tactile phantasma, haptic hallucination, touch hallucination, and hallucination of touch. The term tactile hallucination is indebted to the Latin verb tangere, which means to touch. It refers to a bodily sensation seemingly… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations