heterosexual heautoscopy

heterosexual heautoscopy
   A term used to denote a variant of "heautoscopy in which more than one "double or " doppelgänger is perceived, of both sexes. In 2006 the Swiss neurologists Peter Brugger et al. reported a case of heterosexual heautoscopy in a 41-year-old man who saw two male and three female doubles who would mimic all his movements and gestures. His condition was associated etiologically with a tumour in the right insular region of the left temporal lobe.
   Brugger, P., Blanke, O., Regard, M., Bradford, D.T., Landis, Th. (2006). Polyopic heautoscopy: Case report and review of the literature. Cortex, 42, 666-674.

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