hallucination-focused integrative treatment

hallucination-focused integrative treatment
   The acronym HIT was coined in or shortly before 2001 by the Dutch psychiatrist Jack A. Jenner to denote an integrated medical treatment programme designed for individuals who suffer from hallucinations. The treatment programme seeks to engage the key figures in the *hallucinators' lives and to demand their help in executing the treatment package, which includes an emergency plan, effective drug treatment, *cognitive behavioural therapy, training ofcoping styles, psycho-education, problem-oriented systems therapy, and rehabilitation.
   Jenner, J.A., Nienhuis, F.J., van de Willige, G., Wiersma, D. (2004). Hallucinations focused integrative treatment improves burden, control, and symptoms in schizophrenia patients with drug-resistant hallucinations. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 30, 127-139.

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