facial hallucination

facial hallucination
   Also known as face hallucination. Both terms are used to denote a * complex visual hallucination depicting one or more faces of humans, humanoid beings, animals, or fantasy creatures. The hallucinated faces may be realistic, but may also have a cartoonesque appearance or display distorted features such as prominent eyes and teeth. Facial hallucinations are described in the context of various hallucinatory syndromes, for example, * Charles Bonnet syndrome, *hypnagogic hallucinations (also known as 'faces in the dark'), *peduncular hallucinations, drug-induced hallucinations, and drug-related *flashbacks. Pathophysiologically, the mediation of facial hallucinations is associated primarily with increased neurophysiological activity in a part of the fusiform gyrus called the fusiform face area, and also in an area in the superior temporal sulcus which is sensitive to observed eye movements and gaze.
   Santhouse, A.M., Howard, R.J., ffytche, D.H. (2000). Visual hallucinatory syndromes and the anatomy of the visual brain. Brain, 123, 2055-2064.

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