Also known as red vision and Monday morning syndrome. The term erythropsia comes from the Greek words eruthros (red) and opsis (seeing). It was introduced in 1895 at a gathering of the Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft by the German physician Ernst Fuchs (18511930), who had experienced the condition himself for several minutes after exposure to sunlight reflected off a snow field. Erythropsia is classified as a "chromatopsia (i.e. a temporary aberration of colour vision) in which all objects and visual stimuli appear to be tinged with red. The condition may last anywhere from several minutes to days, and it may affect either one or both eyes, only during the night or during both day and night. Etiologically, erythropsia is associated primarily with ocular conditions such as aphakia and pseudophakia, with the use of certain therapeutics, and with excessive exposure to bright light. Pathophysiologically, it is associated primarily with ultraviolet or short-wavelength blue light acting either on blue-responsive cones or on other susceptible parts of the optical system. Like other chromatopsias, erythropsia tends to be classified as an "entoptic phenomenon. The term is used in opposition to "cyanopsia (blue vision), " chloropsia (green vision), " xanthopsia (yellow vision), and " ianothinopsia (violet or purple vision).
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