entoptic imagery

entoptic imagery

Dictionary of Hallucinations. . 2010.

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  • entoptic phenomenon —    Also known as entoptic imagery, entoptic image, and entoptic form. All four terms are indebted to the Greek words entos (inside) and opsis (seeing). Traditionally the expression entoptic phenomenon is used to denote any member of a group of… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • Entoptic phenomena —    Entoptics (from the Greek, meaning “within vision”), also known as phosphenes, are complex and diverse luminous geometric images derived from the human central nervous system, produced specifically within the optic cortex and characteristic of …   Historical dictionary of shamanism

  • Neuropsychological Model —    David Lewis Williams and Thomas Dowson’s neuropsychological model, set out in their Current Anthropology article “The Signs of All Times: Entoptic Phenomena in Upper Paleolithic Art” (1988), proposes three loosely defined and fluid stages in… …   Historical dictionary of shamanism

  • Bibliography —    As the scope of the dictionary entries and extent of this bibliography make clear, there is a huge range of literature on shamans, from introductory works, general discussions on such topics as definition, and culture specific ethnographic… …   Historical dictionary of shamanism

  • San religion — The religion of the San people, or Bushmen, of southern Africa consists of a spirit world and our material world. To enter the spirit world, trancing has to be initiated by a shaman through the hunting of power animals. The trance dance eland… …   Wikipedia

  • geometric hallucination —    Also known as geometrical hallucination, geometric visual hallucination, and optogeometric illusion. All four terms can be traced to the Greek noun geometria, which means land surveying. They are used to denote a * formed visual hallucination… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • Reichel-Dolmatoff, Gerardo — (1912–1994)    Colombian anthropologist with particular interests in Amazonian peoples, especially the Tukano and Desana in Colombia. In addition to general publications about the cultures of these people and their neighbors, Reichel Dolmatoff… …   Historical dictionary of shamanism

  • hallucinogen-induced persistent perception disorder — (HPPD)    Also known as hallucinogen persistent perception disorder and hallucinogen persisting perception disorder. All three names refer to a diagnostic category characterized by a recurrence or persistence of *entoptic phenomena and/or *visual …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • Cave art —    European Paleolithic painted and engraved rock art imagery, especially in the caves of France (such as Lascaux) and Spain (such as Altamira), has been interpreted as evidence of “art for art’s sake,” hunting magic, totemism, structuralism and… …   Historical dictionary of shamanism

  • Surrealist automatism — Automatism has taken on many forms: the automatic writing and drawing initially (and still to this day) practiced by surrealists can be compared to similar, or perhaps parallel phenomena, such as the non idiomatic improvisation of free jazz [http …   Wikipedia