The term dysmegalopsia comes from the Greek words dus (bad), megas (big), and opsis (seeing). It translates roughly as the diminished ability to appreciate the size of objects. Dysmega-lopsia is generally classified as a "sensory distortion or, more specifically, as a variant of " metamorphopsia. Dysmegalopsia may present either as an isolated symptom (i.e. as " macropsia or " micropsia), or as part of a cluster of symptoms called the "Alice in Wonderland syndrome. In or shortly before 1916, the British neurologist Samuel Alexander Kinnier Wilson (18781937) proposed the new term " dysmetropsia as a replacement for dysmegalopsia.
   Wilson, S.A.K. (1916). Dysmetropsia and its pathogenesis. Transactions of the Ophthalmo-logical Society UK, 36, 412-444.

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