dumbbell phosphene

dumbbell phosphene
   Also known as dumbbell-shaped phosphene. Both terms are used to denote a type of " phosphene (i.e. 'seeing stars') that may arise after sustained convergence of the eyes, especially with closed eyes against an illuminated background. The name dumbbell phosphene refers to the typical dumbbell shape of these phenomena, extending horizontally from the region of the fovea to the periphery. Dumbbell phosphenes are classified as a variant of the "convergence phosphene, which is in turn classified as an "entoptic phenomenon or a "physiological illusion. The term dumbbell phosphene is used in opposition to the term "fiery rings of Purkinje.
   Tyler, C.W. (1978). Some new entoptic phenomena. Vision Research, 18, 1633-1639.

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