Also known as cyanopia and blue vision. The term cyanopsia comes from the Greek words kuaneos (blue) and opsis (seeing). It is used to denote a *chromatopsia (i.e. a temporary aberration of colour vision) in which whites are seen as blue or bluish, and yellows as less intense. As the opposite condition (known as *xanthopsia or yellow vision) is sometimes caused by cataract of the lens, it is understandable that cyanopsia can occur as a temporary side effect after cataract extraction. Cyanopsia tends to be classified as an * entoptic phenomenon. The term is used in opposition to the terms *chloropsia (green vision), * xanthopsia (yellow vision), *erythropsia (red vision), and * ianothiopsia (violet or purple vision).
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Dictionary of Hallucinations. . 2010.

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