marihuana-induced hallucination

marihuana-induced hallucination
   Marihuana is also written as marijuana. The origin of the name is unknown. It would seem to be of Mexican-Spanish origin, and it may have derived from the names Maria and Juana. An early corruption in the English language is the term Mary Warner. The term marihuana is often used as a synonym for cannabis. In fact, however, it refers to a cannabis product prepared from the dried flowering tops and leaves of the pistillate ('female') cannabis plant. Like other cannabis products, marihuana is usually administered through smoking. It can also be vaporized, eaten, or drunk as a tea. A person intentionally employing marihuana for the purpose of exploring the psyche may be called a " psychonaut. For a discussion of the hallucinogenic properties of marihuana, see the entry Cannabis-induced hallucination.
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