Anton's syndrome

Anton's syndrome

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  • Anton-Babinski syndrome — Anton Babinski syndrome, more frequently known as Anton s blindness, is a rare symptom of brain damage occurring in the occipital lobe. People who suffer from it are cortically blind, but affirm, often quite adamantly and in the face of clear… …   Wikipedia

  • Anton-Babinski syndrome —    Also known as Anton s syndrome, Anton s symptom, Anton s blindness, anosognosia for blindness, denial of blindness, and visual anosognosia. The eponym Anton Babinski syndrome refers to the Austrian psychiatrist and neurologist Gabriel Anton… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • Anton-Babinski syndrome — An·ton Ba·bin·ski syndrome (ahnґton bə binґske) [G. Anton; Joseph Franзois Fйlix Babinski, French physician, 1857–1932] Anton syndrome …   Medical dictionary

  • Anton's syndrome — An·ton s syndrome an .tänz n a disorder marked by psychological denial and rationalization of clinically evident loss of vision An·ton än .tōn Gabriel (1858 1933) German neuropsychiatrist. Anton first described the syndrome that bears his name in …   Medical dictionary

  • Anton-Babinski syndrome — noun A rare symptom of brain damage occurring in the occipital lobe, in which the patient is cortically blind but affirms that he or she is capable of seeing …   Wiktionary

  • Anton syndrome — Anton Babinski syndrome a form of anosognosia in which the patient denies, and often is unaware of, the existence of clinically demonstrable blindness and may resort to confabulation to hide it; it may be the result of denial (q.v.) or of… …   Medical dictionary

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